Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Summertime Fav for the Dead of Winter

The week after I came back from my winter break I didn't have any groceries, so I went crazy with the shopping and went around to Associated (on 14th between 1st ave and avenue A), Trader Joe's (14th between 3rd ave and Union Square) and Food Emporium (14th and Union Square). I don't shop at Whole Foods because it's WAY to expensive for me (as a college student and all), but that's besides the point and I'm just rambling now.

Since Trader Joe's is so great and fairly inexpensive, TONS of people go there all the time, I usually go there really early and get very little. The only thing I got when I was there last time was turkey burgers and mac n cheese. I had lettuce and potatoes, and some lemonade, so I made me a good ole turkey burger and homemade fries to remind me of summer.

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