Sunday, February 14, 2010

Post One for Today: CRAZINESS! (pt. II)

So in addition to my awesome cooking party with the pals, last night I ate at Flatbush Farm as a get-together with my brother and his friends in Brooklyn. It had been a while since I saw him and even longer since I saw most of his friends, so this was a good night. Plus Flatbush Farm is an amazing restaurant. I was too self conscious to snap a photo of the restaurant, and I forgot to take a photo of my food. But the environment was great, and my Gnocci were incredible. They were like pillows! I nabbed a little bit of everyone else's food too, and everything was equally as delicious (some bone marrow on toast from my brother's plate, some duck steak from his roommate's, some fries, which doesn't sound like anything fancy, but proved to be superior to even the homemade fries I've made...)

It's a shame I won't get to see this for a while:

Then on the way back, Simon and I ran into some cute girls who shoved a big bag 'o bread in my arms and said that some bakery was giving it away and they didn't want it. So I got some free bread!

My roommate had some for breakfast, and she's french, so I know it must be good bread.

And then in the subway, the train took FOREVER. But this lovely drag queen with a FABULOUS coat asked if the M went to 1st ave or where she could get an L train. Well as fate would have it I was going in exactly the same direction, so for about an hour and a half (maybe less) I had a great conversation with her! I already facebook friended her-apparently she's called Genifer Teal (Gen Teal, hehe). Turns out she was visiting a friend who lives in Stuyvesant Town which is really close to the dorm!

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  1. Haha, NYC adventures! I actually read somewhere that the secret to great fries is duck fat! Nice seeing you last night.