Monday, February 1, 2010

Catching Up pt. VII: The Birthday Card

The ONE TIME I got to see/hang out with Nili (ridiculous I know, since not only are we in the same city, we're a couple blocks away from each other) we went to the Nuyorican Cafe where they have poetry slams every Friday night for $10 entrance.

While we were walking around we spotted this sad, wet thing on the sidewalk. It was probably there for 10-20 minutes or so because it was raining, but it wasn't completely damaged yet. Upon closer investigation we saw that "thing" was a little birthday card and a two-page love/apology note from the same guy.

I kept the card.

I don't know exactly what the note said, but judging how it was left on the ground in the rain, I'm not so sure she's going to call or take back the guy who wrote it.

"Tatyana, [Happy Birthday, Cutie Pie!] Tell me that dog isn't cute? And I'm sorry for the long note in advance. With all the love in the world and more,

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