Sunday, February 14, 2010

Post One for Today: CRAZINESS! (pt. I)

I wanted to do a special Valentine's Day post, but I also have to do a post for the last few days which have been JAM PACKED with stuff. Mainly: 1. Another cooking party with Sam, Molly, and her friend Rachel (did I spell this right?) and 2. Dinner with my brother and that whole night in Brooklyn (which was crazy).

So in keeping with the tradition that was sort of started last weekend, Molly and I had another cooking party, this time Sam was invited (even though he lives in a different dorm now) and Molly's friend Rachel (spelling?) is in town so she was partaking too.

Everyone helped in the making of our turkey meatballs and potato pancakes

MMMM! Yum! Those meatballs sure are versatile, we make them so much!

Sam helped by lookin cute (he did actually help with a lot of stuff, to be fair)

We also had artichokes with butter 'n garlic, and green veggies

The potato pancakes are a thing of BEAUTY! (except for my one fail flip...)

The whole spread was absolutely delish

We made cookies as well! They cookies themselves were almost as good as the cookie dough

and as always best with some milk!

Look for part two of this a little later, and post #2 a little after that!

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