Saturday, February 6, 2010

Catching Up Finale: Not Much Else

So I've mentioned pretty much everything I said I would. There isn't much catching up left to do I suppose since not a WHOLE lot happened when I was home (not that I'm gonna talk about here anyway...)
I suppose for this final catching up installment I'll give you all a schmorgesboard (is that how you spell it?) of stuff you may have missed.

The Union Square Holiday Market: Left on my desk after coming home from that market (just a joke, obvs): Cute latte art the barista dude gave me at Joe when he informed me there was no more apple cider: In keeping with the kewt theme and the name "Freckle Face," some freckley bananas: Molly and some cute soulful-singin' Doo-wop guys in the subway from when we went to the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA: So that's all for now! Sing me off boiz...

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