Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Foundation's Funny

I feel so silly in foundation year. Maybe that's just because I always act like I'm 5 years old, but I feel like my 3D professor last semester was right when he talked about kindergarden and how the design process includes so much playing around.
There's examples in every class of mine.

2D: We created a pattern through a repeating shape. In the original orientation you couldn't see it, but when flipped on the side (which my professor liked better) you can see the c: face.

(for those who can't see it right away)

3D: The project is to make a head covering that makes a statment about an issue. Mine is on not realizing how much we waste materials/products. This is Sam's project, though. I'm just bein' cute with it. (my favorite part is the asian chick in the background laughin' at me)

Drawing: My themed drawing turned out pretty good. The theme was "28" and no one better steal the idea for next week's theme (grid) or else...

Plus my hands get so dirty all the time. The girl next to me finger painted today:

We made an entrance and mine ended up being based on the tactile sense more than the visual:

I went first in the class for critiques, and immediately my professor said it looked like a mouth. I felt pretty immature giggling away.

Still, I'm glad I can keep my childlike personality. Without it, I think I'd lose my kewt.

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