Friday, November 13, 2009


I don't really know what to post today, so I'll just dump some of my favorite links here:

-Bellen!: Illustrator Box Brown's really cute webcomic about Ben and Ellen
-My Carboard Life: Yet another really cute webcomic. And she's British!
-The Backseat Kiss: A really badass website with really badass stuff...that is also cute. And awesome.
-Natalie Dee: America's Favorite Cracker. Hilarious. And updated daily. Also check out Superpoop and Married to the Sea.
-Punks Git Cut!: Jay Howell's blog. He's just real cool that's all.
-Alexis Mackenzie: AMAZING and prolific artist. She works in collage and is probably my favorite contemporary artist. UGH SO GOOD.
-Orisinal: Morning Sunshine! Cutest games you have ever/will ever play
-I know I love Kanye: Kayne loves soup, and sometimes the feeling is mutual. Tess's blog about soup, Kanye, and hopefully Scotland that she just started.
-Amorpous Amor: Sue Kim's blog. Awesome friend. Awesome artist.

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