Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm in my lab class right now, and seeing as we don't do anything in this class (really, one class they gave us a two hour break, another class we slept the whole time, last class we went on group field trips and my group ended up going grocey shopping), and seeing as I just found out how to use the WiFi at school, I'm blogging! And skyping with Tess at the same time!

We did make a neat video though, which you can watch here
While we were making it we did a scene in Times Square, and we were so miserable at the end of the nasty rainy day with all the tourists, that we decided to get cupcakes at this place on 18th St. called Cupcake Cafe. The frosting on the cupcakes is much less sugary and grainy than the ones at say, Crumbs Bakery or Sugar Sweet Sunshine, though those places are equally amazing.

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