Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brooklyn Day

I spent a lot of the day in Brooklyn, since my brother lives there and it was his birthday. We had a Halloween party last night, so I slept over in his apartment and we went to the aforementioned birthday brunch at Stone Park in Park Slope. I don't think I had ever eaten their eggs before, but with the famous biscuits and gravy, they really hit the spot...MMMM! Before actually leaving the apartment though, we got to cheer people on in the New York Marathon. I didn't get up early enough to see the elites, but I cheered on some runners who truly needed the motivation and hopefully made their run a little easier.

I went back to finish homework and other boring stuff, but by night I was back in Brooklyn to another Park Slope restaurant, Al Di La (apparently the Italian word for heaven, or purgatory, I'm not sure. That's just what an Italian girl told me once). I ordered the Malfatti, which was of course delicious, and then hobbled back to the subway station.

I swear the train took an hour to get back to the city! But I'm home now, and ready for class tomorrow...ugh.

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