Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pillow Fight Day!

Last night we went to a great French restaurant called Les Halles. It's hard to find a bad restaurant in New York City, but this one really was great. Some French places just serve Americanized French dishes, but they had classic dishes like Boudin, Cassoulet, and Saucisse Alsacienne, which is what I ordered.

And today was that day of the year where everyone gets together for a HUGE pillow fight in Union Square. And huge it was...

I did not fight with a pillow, but when I went in on the action I had to keep the ole elbows out. Someone actually apologized to me because they couldn't see that I didn't have a pillow. But I got whacked in the head more than once without apology.

My mom, Elsa, Elsa's mother, and I went to Pinkberry afterwards, a much needed treat after all that pillow-ing.

(I got chocolate with Cinnamon streusel, cheesecake, chocolate, and mixed nuts)

We're going out tonight again because it's Elsa's birthday, and her last day in town. There'll be an update tomorrow.

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