Friday, April 2, 2010


The last few days in New York had been rainy, cold, and just down-right miserable. But sort of yesterday, and definitely today the weather is beautiful! Hopefully it will stay this way the whole weekend like it's supposed to.

Elsa and her mother are in town, and so is my mom, so we're wining and dining all over the place. Today we had lunch at Soho Park on Prince and Crosby.

I had a helluva burger and fries, and we all shared some of their red-onion onion rings.

We also went to the American Indian Museum, which was pretty neat. After seeing all that handicraft I really want to make some of my own. I usually hate going in that area of town though, because everyone is either a business person (though they don't bother me too much) or a tourist. I hate everything about tourists, and I hate being a tourist, but the museum was pretty interesting, as I said, and the weather was just perfect, as I said.

But still, pictures like this:

taken with blinding flash, on the subway, in front of some building, next to a homeless person, in crocs/an I <3 NY tee/an NYPD baseball cap/those huge white shoes tourists ALWAYS wear, make me die a little inside.

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