Thursday, April 8, 2010

Best Coastyyy

The Best Coast show two nights ago was AWESOME. Rad, as I believe they're calling it these days. First off, the first two bands playing were also amazing, and I was dancing to them just as much as for Best Coast.

The Babies, who are sort of an old fashioned supergroup of indie awesome, played first. They offered a free album to anyone who could guess the original band they did a cover of, but I didn't know. It was rockin anyway. In fact, I'm listening to Breakin the Law as I type this.
And The Bitters also played. I hadn't heard them before I went to the show, but I was definitely not disappointed by their grinding superfast guitars and semiscreamy female vocal. That lead singer gal was so intense and pretty it was intimidating. Since I got to the Knitting Factory about an hour and a half earlier than I needed to, I got to see both of them (and Best Coast) from the front of the stage, which was lucky because I'm short and there were a lot of people.

Unfortunately the batteries on my camera ran out, so inbetween The Bitters and Best Coast, I had to sprint across the street to the bodega, where they didn't accept cards and the ATM was broken (of course...there are never any street ATMs in New York City that work). He told me to go across the street, so I ran to the other store with some big creepy sidewalk guy chanting at me, "ROCKY! ROCKY! ROCKY!" I got there and they had a $5 card minimum so I had to buy two Snapples. Grr. I ended up giving one to my new show friend, Sam, so it was all right.

I got back in time (phew!) and BC came on. WOO! I got some great videos, but for some dumb reason blogger isn't letting me upload them, so here's photos of them playing instead.

(That's Ali from the Vivian Girls playing drums in the back)
Afterwards I got Bethany to sign a polaroid I received for Valentine's day, and she seemed to think it was a funny idea. My favorite is the little hearts. Plus, I got a photo with Bobb Bruno, who is like the cutest kinda awkward headbanging-hair-having asian dude ever to rock a disneyland shirt. Look at him and his beer belly!

All in all, it was a great night. THANK YOU BEST COAST! (and the babies and the bitters)

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