Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh Happy Dayyyy!

Reasons I am having an amazing day:
1. The weather is SO INCREDIBLY nice today. It makes the street smell like hamburgers and hot pavement rather than frozengarbagesmoke.
2. I had drawing today and handed in this:

I wasn't too proud of it coming in, but my professor really liked it. Here's my awesome drawing professor:

And this here is his website.
3. I also made a hilarious mini collage today (I'll put it in a later post today) and in drawing our next assignment is a schematic drawing
4. I found the most hilarious book at Strand which has been added to my slowly growing collection. It's called "Margaret's Cooky Book" and it's full of cookie recipes. This is Margaret:

5. I didn't have 2-D today(that's not the good part), but I ran into my 2-D professor, Paul, on the street. It was completely random since we were no where near the school! This may seem like nothing big to anyone reading this that lives on an actual college campus, but because my campus is basically all of Lower Manhattan (well, at least let's say from around Chelsea to Alphabet City since those are approximate limits of the different dorms)so it was a little weird and funny. He's also awesome, and his blog is right here.
6. The song "Happy" came up on Pandora (also completely random). This second in time describes my day.

Hope everyone's day is just as great as mine is!

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