Monday, March 1, 2010


So that same night Molly and I pretended it was her birthday, we were so stuffed we had to take the subway home those four or five blocks, and we got all sleepy and took naps. This was also because we went to a BLANKET FORT PARTYYYY in Brooklyn.

First, I must say, getting there kind of sucked. We had to take the L to 8th ave, then wait forever for an A train. Then the ride on the A train took about an hour. We folded paper and spaced out mostly. Also the place was kind of sketchy when we got there. Just a little. A guy who actually lives in the apartment where it was held said there's a toy factory downstairs. But more on him later. Now pictures.

We didn't really talk to anyone that interesting and it was a little awkward until we spread out my furry blanket and found some face paint.

Then we used the facepaint in our journals to make little drawings. Molly did some awesome ones!

There were people who set up a twister mat right next to our blanket and random people just started joining in. I spun the spinner for a little while. After a while though, around maybe 3 am, we started to get hungry. And so with two girls from NYU we had just met, we made the tater tots of some guy who lived there.

At about 4 am we decided it was a good idea to go home. And so did a few other people I guess, who were a little partied-out.

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