Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here we goooo!

Well everybody I'm back in New York (fortunately and unfortunately). I spent a little time in New Jersey before Winter Break ended as well and got to see some great stuff. But I promised I'd post some specific stuff, so specific stuff I shall post starting today.

December seems SOOO long ago but I really have to write about the BUST Holiday Craftacular.

If you are in New York (or now L.A. and London too!) when BUST hosts a craftacular, I highly recommend attending.

This year it was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion, which was a few L Train stops away from where I live. I went with Gabby REALLY early in the morning because the first 500 people in received free goody bags with all sorts of awesome stuff. The whole thing was awesome. We had to wait in line for a while which was freezing, but the kind people of Joe provided some free coffee.

When we got inside all these bags were being dumped onto the floor which were full of great stuff like gum and coupons and bumper stickers and popchips. They also had magazines displayed on a little counter that you could just grab. All of that for free (with $2 entry). They had a ladydj, food samples, and a demonstration of silkscreening and craft-cutting machines (on canvas bags...which were also free). Basically I just got a whole bunch of free stuff. In addition to all the free stuff though, a bunch of amazing independent artists and companies were selling their wares. Most of them were pretty expensive, but supporting them is worth it.

When we left, there were a lot more people than when we came in and it got really crowded. Plus there was a ginormous line outside.

After having lunch at Goodburger, which was better than I thought it would be (I got grilled cheese and fries-yum!)I'd say it was a pretty good day.

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