Saturday, January 30, 2010

Catching Up pt. V: Books

I wanted to look smart, so I filled my desk shelf with books.

1. A Pictorial History of Radio-I found it around the same area as The Strand, but it didn't have a price tag or sticker anywhere in or on it, so I took it. It's what it says. A whole book full of pictures from the 20s-50s maybe, showing how radio became more and more popular, and some stars of the era.

2. Rites of Fall: a book about Texas high school football. Doesn't sound that great but it is. I got it for $2 at some book store (on University I think) that I don't remember the name of.

3./4. Tonight at 8:30 and The View from the Fortieth Floor-these two were books that I found outside the repetoire theater right across the street from Parsons' 55 W. 13th building. Perhaps they were props at one time? I don't know. But they were just sitting there on a box, so I snatched 'em up. I haven't read them, and probably won't now that I know that one is about the fall of major publishing companies in the 60s, and the other is a play, or a series of plays I'm not sure.

5. Leonard Cohen (Selected Poems 1956-1968)-I LOVE Leonard Cohen. I love this book even more because it used to belong to my dad. We had it in the house, but when I went home for break I brought the book back with me. Every one of his poems is glorious.

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